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About Us

104 Maple Ave, Inglewood, ON
Located conveniently just off of Highway 10 & Olde Base Line.
  • -10 minutes from Caledon East
  • -8 minutes from Caledon Village
  • -15 minutes from Bolton
  • -15 minutes from Erin
  • -10 minutes from Valleywood
  • -18 minutes from Orangeville
  • -18 mintues from Brampton
Rich in History 


Riverdale Fitness Mill is located in Caledon, Ontario, nestled in the Town of Caledon’s small village of Inglewood. Situated on the banks of the Credit River, on the Niagara Escarpment, this boutique community fitness centre of 4000 square feet provides "an inspiring atmosphere" where local residents can actively pursue their health and fitness goals.

Situated in an 1871 Woolen Mill, Riverdale Fitness Mill also exists as a historical heritage building, giving the club a unique ambiance through its limestone walls and wood timber beam construction. The site is rich in history and heritage, having first provided employment to locals in the early 1800's. Back then, water meant power and the proximity to the Credit River and local markets made it an ideal site for Thomas Corbett to establish a Woolen Mill in 1837. Today, members working out in the centre are reminded of the staple our building once was to the community by the antiquity of the building itself. The original wooden beams and charred wood in the exposed stone walls function as evidence of the building’s legacy and contributes to the unique and authentic quality that Riverdale Fitness Mill has today.

Riverdale Fitness Mill offers a variety of fitness and wellness programs and training ranging from one-on-one personal training with one of our highly skilled professional trainers to health coaching and more. Riverdale Fitness Mill places a high value on a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. At Riverdale, we also offer our members nutritional consultations and programming to assist them in reaching their overall health goals.

Riverdale Fitness Mill has an exceptional selection of strength and cardiovascular equipment. In fact, Riverdale houses the world’s leading fitness equipment including a Freedom Climber rock wall, Power Plate, and a Jacob’s Ladder, which helps provide members with a tremendous advantage as they strive to achieve their fitness goals.

In addition to our private work out equipment, we offer numerous group exercise programs for people of all ages and fitness abilities. Whatever your taste, Riverdale has a program suited for you! Some of our group fitness classes include: Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Spin, Muscle Conditioning and Zumba.

Riverdale is also proud to provide specialty youth programs designed and catered to the training needs of young athletes. Qualified trainers run several programs with local hockey teams, soccer teams and individual athletes geared toward optimizing their physical potential within their specific sport. Unique pieces of equipment geared toward athletic training like the Vertimax are often a crucial part of these programs.

Thank you for choosing Riverdale! We hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

Focused on the Future

Traditionally, electricity is powered from fossil fuels (coal & natural gas). Using a Solar Panel System helps combat greenhouse gas emissions &reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Here at Riverdale Fitness Mill we have over 800 Solar panels. Each panel is 300 watts, which makes 200 kilowatts of ac power. The panels produce enough power to provide electricity to 140-160 houses in Inglewood! (That's half the Village)

Riverdale Fitness Mill is also the only 140 year old historic building in the world to house Solar Panels and produce power.

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