Personal training is about commitment, motivation and maximizing your exercise time.  Our Certified Personal Trainers can help you design and customize your program for optimal results.   Their personal attention and encouragement will assist you in setting realistic health and fitness goals, while providing you with professional advice to achieve your desired level of fitness.  If you are a beginner, a trainer will introduce you to a simple, effective routine to help you develop confidence and knowledge so you can maximize your time while staying within your limits.  A personal trainer will show you how to use and adjust the equipment, watches your form and provides objective feedback about your limits and strengths.  For experienced exercisers Personal Trainers provide a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge both your body and mind.  Our Personal Trainers also offer Small Group Training, Sports Specific Training and Post Rehabilitation Programs.



Kelsie Beasley


* Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma 


* Personal Trainer Specialist – Can-Fit-Pro

* Fitness Instructor Specialist –Can-Fit- Pro

* Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Specialist– Can-Fit-Pro

* CPR/First-Aid AED


I have been personal training since 2009, and have been instructing group fitness since 2010. 

Training Philosophy

Regular exercise, proper nutrition, hydration, and rest can all assist in helping a person get the most out of their lives. This may include, but not limited to an increase in overall energy levels, a boost in mood and mindset and a strengthened immune system and tolerance to stressors. People that actively engage in regular exercise and treat their body with respect are definitely worthy of the term ‘fit’. Being in shape comes in all shapes, and sizes!

Favorite Exercise

Full-body, bodyweight, and exercises that engage multiple muscle groups are a staple in many of my programs. Exercises designed to challenge & improve a person’s balance also earn high rank!



Kyle Curtis



-CPR/AED Certified

-Personal Trainer Specialist CAN-FIT-PRO

-Guelph Humber Kinesiology BASc

- Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma

I graduated  with a BASc in Kinesiology and a Diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion. I have recently completed my CanFit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist certification. With my extensive knowledge of exercise physiology and positive nature, I’m excited to begin helping people improve their quality of life. My personal training philosophy lies in multi-joint, compound exercises (ie. Squat). High school introduced me to the world of cross-fit and functional movements. I’ve found that compound movements are much more enjoyable than isolated exercises (ie. Bicep curl). This is because to me it feels like you’re actually moving weight in addition to the increased amount of energy expenditure. Also, I believe utilizing eccentric contractions is a great way to induce muscular fatigue when certain movements feel too easy. Outside of those two topics, a varying exercise program a very important part of maintaining motivation. Repetitive programs lead to plateaus and very bland (if not lackluster) workouts.


I’ve been an active personality ever since I began playing soccer at the age of 5. I continued my passion for competition all through elementary and high school, where I competed on the soccer (awarded MVP), rugby, and cross country teams. While I still love the spirit of competition, I’ve currently been growing my passion for snowboarding and volleyball. All-in-all, I’ve devoted my life to physical activity and I intend to share its benefits with everyone who has the desire to improve themselves!

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