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Personal training is about commitment, motivation and maximizing your exercise time.  Our Certified Personal Trainers can help you design and customize your program for optimal results.   Their personal attention and encouragement will assist you in setting realistic health and fitness goals, while providing you with professional advice to achieve your desired level of fitness.  If you are a beginner, a trainer will introduce you to a simple, effective routine to help you develop confidence and knowledge so you can maximize your time while staying within your limits.  A personal trainer will show you how to use and adjust the equipment, watches your form and provides objective feedback about your limits and strengths.  For experienced exercisers Personal Trainers provide a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge both your body and mind.  Our Personal Trainers also offer Small Group Training, Sports Specific Training and Post Rehabilitation Programs.





* Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma 


* Personal Trainer Specialist – Can-Fit-Pro

* Fitness Instructor Specialist –Can-Fit- Pro

* Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Specialist– Can-Fit-Pro

* CPR/First-Aid AED


I have been personal training since 2009, and have been instructing group fitness since 2010. 

Training Philosophy

Regular exercise, proper nutrition, hydration, and rest can all assist in helping a person get the most out of their lives. This may include, but not limited to an increase in overall energy levels, a boost in mood and mindset and a strengthened immune system and tolerance to stressors. People that actively engage in regular exercise and treat their body with respect are definitely worthy of the term ‘fit’. Being in shape comes in all shapes, and sizes!

Favorite Exercise

Full-body, bodyweight, and exercises that engage multiple muscle groups are a staple in many of my programs. Exercises designed to challenge & improve a person’s balance also earn high rank!




  • Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma

  • Personal Trainer Specialist - Can Fit Pro

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist - Can Fit Pro

  • CPR First Aid/AED

  • Twist Performance Conditioning Certificate  




I have been learning Informal Group fitness training since 2016 with the supervision of another trainer and Professional Spin class teaching since 2018.


Training Philosophy

As people we have different dimensions that affect one another-- the Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Environmental, and even Occupational. Working on our fitness is one way to improve our physical dimension affecting all the rest. To that end, I think the minimum goal that anyone should have when it comes to fitness is being able to move effectively. It takes hard work and sweat but you are the only one that you have to deal with your whole life, so being able to literally pull your own weight can be a first step to a better life.


Favorite exercise

I absolutely love dancing and playing sports. It doesn't matter exactly which exercise, as long as I am moving and I'm enjoying it, especially when there's good music involved.

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* *Personal Trainer Specialist-----Can-Fit-Pro

* NCCP Level 1 Judo Coach

* CPR/First-Aid AED



I have been personal training since 2015 from large box gyms to one-on-one personal training in a private studio setting, and have been practicing, competing in and instructing martial arts since 2011. 

Training Philosophy 

Exercise should be something that is made fun due to its importance and relativity to our ability to have fun and continue to do so for a long time. I believe consistency is the only secret to fruitful exercise and making the experience something enjoyable while still effective and informative makes consistency a lot easier than something that is daunting and boring. I also encourage everybody I get the chance to work with to explore their own fitness journey and try my best to pass on as much information as I can to aid and promote each client to continuing learning and working towards their personal fitness goals. 

Favorite Exercise 

I am a big fan of classical strength and conditioning training, Olympic lifting and various forms of high intensity training, as well as martial arts & boxing

Jon Matzov

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Personal Training sessions are available to all members & non-members. Semi-private sessions are also available.
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