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How Are We Keeping You Safe?

A code of conduct has been developed to give members and guests a sense of what to expect upon  return.



- Increasing sanitization protocols (high-touch points, bathrooms, entry-points etc. are routinely disinfected by staff with Health Canada-approved disinfecting spray)

- Disinfecting wipes provided/ to be used on every piece of equipment utilized

- Disinfecting of hard-surfaces after each use, such as Point of Sale unit and class equipment

- Passive and Active Screening upon arrival to gym

Sharing of gym equipment will be discouraged

- Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer provided

- Facility attendance limit to ensure physical distancing

Sterilizing Gym


Studio and Weight Room will be considered two separate buildings and have individual heating, cooling and ventilation systems.


The gym has an air exchange system. (HRV)

Staff will be wearing non-medical grade face masks, but guests will not be required/encouraged to wear a mask while exercising vigorously.



- Many group fitness classes will be held outside, as per health unit guidelines.

- Alternative workout spaces have also been created for group fitness classes and personal training sessions.

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