Riverdale Fitness Mill offers a number of services to compliment your personal wellness program.

Hydro Massage Bed

A hydro massage session is the most comfortable, convenient and affordable form of heated massage.

Having a session on the bed lasts 15 minutes; it is relaxing and rejuvenating. It is perfect for pre/post workout and working towards helping heal an injury

Stop by the gym and ask for a trial on the bed.

"94% of all people who try massage love it" -www.hydromassage.com

“Using the bed gives a feeling of relaxation. It hits the areas that I cannot reach myself, like the kink in my back. I will continue to use it always. It is a great asset for the gym to have”

-Grecia (Gold Memebership)

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is a service designed to aid clients in eliciting behaviour changes to ensure long term sustainability of their health and fitness goals. The Health Coach will work with you to understand your current patterns and determine what motivates and prohibits you in making your lifestyle change to improve your health. They will also help you set realistic goals and provide education in topics to help you achieve the goals. The health coach will be someone that you can be accountable to and who can provide support throughout  the process of your behavioural change.